Hot Tapping

Enerbay can provide Hot Tap and Line Plugging services for both natural gas transmission and distribution systems, as well

as crude oil and product pipeline markets. Enerbay ’s global team understand the needs, standards, and expectations of each industry segment and are at ready for both standard and custom design Hot Tap solutions. Enerbay operates the largest and most diverse inventory of Hot Tap and Line Plugging equipment in the industry. Enerbay also continues to lead the industry with pioneering new technologies. Our OEM manufactured fittings, field services, and equipment are time-tested and proven in the field.

Line Freezing & Pipe Freeze Plugging Services

Enerbay ’s Line Freezing & Pipe Freeze Plugging Services – Keeping Critical Pipe Systems Online and Preventing Unwanted Shutdowns.

Enerbay has made it our business to keep critical pipe systems online and prevent unwanted shutdowns. As part of this commitment, we are proud to offer Pipe Freeze Plugging also known as Pipe Freeze Stopping. Freeze Plugs are an alternative option to our Line Stopping services and are designed to effectively isolate sections of pipe where valves are unavailable or inoperable. Through a combination of Enerbay ’s Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, and Pipe Freeze Plugging services you can be assured that your pipe systems will stay in service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.