Drilling Fluids and Services

Drilling Fluids.   We have continued to develop solutions for drilling that help our clients to maximize Rate Of Penetration (ROP), achieve performance objectives, and obtain quality data from the wellbore. We strengthen our systems by manufacturing our own quality products with our strong R & D support.
Our drilling programs employ specialized fluid technologies geared towards the production of challenging and mature wells. We work on site, from initial consultation to completion, to help ensure that your drilling program optimizes the long-term productivity of the reservoir.
Enerbay brings innovation, quality and expertise to our customers around the globe. With many years of experience, Enerbay has enjoyed a successful history supplying quality drilling fluids to the mining, oil and gas, water well, horizontal directional drilling, civil and tunnelling industries. Enerbay’s success originates in quality products, innovative tailor made solutions and skilled technicians who are dedicated to supporting our customers through a highly-mobile global network of distributors and regional locations. We offer a total drilling fluid solution for our customers.


Filtration Sytems:

Enerbay along with its associate companies can provide a full line of filtration services for various applications such as:

  • Completion Fluids
  • Work-over Fluids
  • Gel Fluids
  • Kill fluids
  • Stimulation Fluids
  • Packer Fluids

Enerbay utilises 12.5″ filters which have the highest dirt-holding capacity per filter, and eliminates the requirement for Brine filtration.  Doubling the filter surface area can increase the filter life over four times. Enerbay uses segregated flow channels and flow chambers to maximize the effective surface area of the pleated filter media within a 12.75 inch OD cartridge. Combining this design with the technique of pleating several different filter media together in a single pleat pack maximizes dirt holding capacity.


Fluids and Waste Managment:

Drilling Waste Management. From the moment drill fluids are pumped through and come out of the wellbore, they have to be managed to minimise cost. Enerbay can design and deliver systems that collect cuttings while isolating them from your crew members for safety.  Our collection containers can provide temporary cuttings storage on offshore rigs. Enerbay’s treatment technologies give the operator companies several options for reducing the environmental impact of your drill cuttings, from drying to injection, thermal treatment and bioremediation. Properly managing well-related waste products other than cuttings is a growing concern for the oil and gas industry. Environmental regulations have classified virtually everything coming from a well as hazardous and therefore in need of some type of treatment. Enerbay has developed treatment technologies for treating and even recycling produced water, creating big savings for operators. Separating and treating oily emulsions for recovery, cleaning purposes and/or disposal by bio remedy is another Enerbay’s specialty that is saving operators millions of dollars daily worldwide.