Solar Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available. Middle East, Asia pacific and Africa have an abundant solar resource. Today’s technology allows us to capture this energy in several ways giving the public and commercial entities flexible ways to employ both the heat and light from the sun. Capitalizing on its strength in solar cell technology, Enerbay is committed to provide modules with unparalleled conversion efficiency, yield efficiency, and reliability to enable customers to maximize the returns of their PV projects.

Commercial renewable energy projects have a few advantages that they are able to capitalize on, these include:

  • Abundance of source – Sun light is a naturally replenished source of energy that is available in abundance.
  • Lower Operating Costs – The variable components in a utility bill for commercial, irrigation, or farm services are usually higher than for residential service. This makes it easier for renewables to economically lower the operating costs. If the business primarily consumes electricity during the day, grid-tie solar can provide even larger savings in transmission and distribution charges.
  • Low Risk Investment in Solar Power – Photovoltaic systems require virtually no maintenance and provide a buffer against rising utility costs.
  • Better Energy Access – Commercial properties with large rooftops and farms with available land are prime candidates to install larger renewable energy systems.
  • Marketability – Installing a renewable energy system such as solar power demonstrates a corporate commitment to quality and the environment which helps separate you from your competitors.
  • Reduces Fossil Fuels Consumption – Dependence on the fossil fuels could be reduced to much extent if it is adopted on the much wider scale by all the countries across the globe. It could be answer to the ever increasing demand for petroleum and gas products. Apart from this, it can also help curb harmful gas emissions which are the major source of global warming.

Enerbay is a leading renewable energy contractor, and we bring you that same expertise in project control and cost management to achieve excellent customer satisfaction in the growing solar energy field. We offer a full range of services and provide innovative solutions to fit a wide variety of location and terrain complexities, including ground-mounted PV installations or solar parking structures that make best use of available space and maximize your return on investment.

Enerbay installs photo-voltaic, crystalline and thin film modules, fixed, tilt-mounted modules; with single or dual-axis tracking systems.

We make it a priority to bring your project home on time and on budget, no matter what its scope, complexities, or site constraints, allowing you to benefit from the highest possible return on your investment while utilizing this abundant natural resource.

Our solar power EPC services include:

  • Feasibility studies and resource analysis
  • Financial analysis and procurement capabilities
  • Site planning including storm water management
  • Electrical design for low voltage and high voltage
  • Racking system design and installation
  • Foundation design and installation
  • Photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Assembly and erection
  • Underground cabling installation
  • Interconnection facilities design and installation.