Wind Energy

Wind Energy System converts the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical energy (the rotation of turbine blades), which is converted into electricity by a generator sitting inside the hub of the structure. Project cost for such projects have decreased over 80% since 1980. With our technological advancements and increased demand, prices are expected to keep decreasing in the foreseeable future. The operational costs tend to be low once the turbines have been manufactured and erected.

Enerbay, with its JV partners, have a long history as a successful civil and industrial contractor, thus making our venture into renewable energy, a natural addition to our broad list of services. Utility scale wind projects are breathing new life into today’s energy industry. Wind power is gaining recognition as an efficient and affordable source of energy for the world’s escalating energy needs. From budget planning and scheduling to construction management, we have the expertise to serve our customers in every phase of a project. At Enerbay, we take a responsible approach to every project, and we’re dedicated to bringing our clients’ maximum cost savings while minimizing the environmental impact at every stage of our work, from designing and building access roads to erecting wind turbines.

Our wind power services include:

  • Local access road network design and installation
  • Wind turbine generator foundation design and installation
  • Underground cabling installation
  • Switchyard/Utility interconnect design and construction
  • Collection systems
  • Turbine erection
  • Electro-mechanical completions

Some of the advantages of Wind Energy include:

  • Abundance of source – Wind is a naturally replenished source of energy that is available in plenty and can be produced again and again. It is one of the cleanest form of renewable energy and is currently used in many leading developed and developing nations to fulfill their demand for electricity.
  • Reduces Fossil Fuels Consumption – Dependence on the fossil fuels could be reduced to much extent if it is adopted on the much wider scale by all the countries across the globe. It could be answer to the ever increasing demand for petroleum and gas products. Apart from this, it can also help curb harmful gas emissions which are the major source of global warming.
  • Less Air and Water Pollution – Wind energy doesn’t pollute at all. It is the form of energy that will exist till the time sun exists. It does not destroy the environment or release toxic gases. Wind turbines are mostly found in coastal areas, open plain and gaps in mountains where the wind is reliable, strong and steady. An ideal location would have a near constant flow of non-turbulent wind throughout the year, with a minimum likelihood of sudden powerful bursts of wind.