Custom Rig Construction

Rig Construction & Retrofit

Enerbay, with its JV partners, design, build and supply geotechnical, marine drill rigs, artic rigs, desert rigs, special rigs and provide technical and professional support to companies in the oil and gas, offshore or geotechnical services industries worldwide. We focused on both building new rigs and retrofitting existing rigs to meet the specific requirements of discerning customers.

Enerbay has the capability to design, fabricate or rebuild a drilling rig as well as the engineering capability to design a complete rig layout package. Enerbay refurbishes rigs to the customers’ specifications ranging from minor repairs to a complete rebuild.

We build and refurbish:

  • Service Rigs
  • Workover Rigs
  • Drilling Rigs


Enerbay has a professional team comprising of industry veterans experienced in “hands-on” situations found in sampling and coring in the offshore, and have the technical expertise capable of designing and building reliable and user-friendly rigs for a wide range of application systems. Furthermore, Enerbay Rig Builders are supported by reputable suppliers of mission critical components and drill fabrication facilities operating to international standards.

Complete Rig Layout Packages can include such items as:

  • Mobile drilling rig
  • Doghouse
  • Work shop
  • Accumulator room
  • Generator room
  • Crew change room
  • Fuel tank